Music: “Sinner Saved By Grace”


If you could see what I once was
If you could go with me
Back to where I started from
Then I know you would see
A miracle of love that took me
In it’s sweet embrace
And made me what I am today
Just an old sinner saved by grace
I’m just a sinner saved by grace
When I stood condemned to death
He took my place
Now I live and breathe in freedom
With each breath of life I take
Loved and forgiven, backed with a living
I’m just a sinner saved by grace
How could I boast on anything
I’ve ever seen or done?
How could I dare to claim as mine
The victories God has won?
Where would I be
Had God not brought me
Gently to this place?
I’m here to say I’m nothing
But a sinner saved by grace
This final reflection in the series goes way back to my days in junior high. I remember flipping through the channels one evening trying to find something to watch, you know, before the days of streaming whatever you desired at a moments notice. Then I paused on a station airing one of The Gaither Homecoming Specials. The memory is blurry, but I think it was on the channel known as TNN at the time. The song it was about to start was “Sinner Saved by Grace”. I’m pretty sure this was the performance I saw that night. if you want to check it out. For whatever reason this song has stuck with me for so long. The performers always seem to pass along such passion as they sing, I can’t help but sit an listen.
To me, the message is one of equality for us in the church. Sometimes, some of us get a little “too big for our britches” as my grandparents might say. We think we are authorities on morality and interpreting the rules of the church or of God. However, we’ve all get a past, present, and future in need of redemption from God. At the last verse says:
Where would I be
Had God not brought me
Gently to this place?
I’m here to say I’m nothing
But a sinner saved by grace
If we can find a way to remember our own journey and how we felt at each point of it, we might just find ourselves more full of compassion and grace as we meet strangers who aren’t quite friends yet. We’ve been there, and while we may have moved to a new place, it’s still our story and can help us connect with those seeking God’s transforming love in their life. If we become the “rule enforcer” instead of the “fellow traveler on the journey” we miss amazing opportunities to share God’s love.

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