No Vacation For The Church

We’ve reached the summer schedule in our lives for sure now. The temperatures the last week definitely indicated that we’ve shifted to a new season, even if not officially yet. I notice more people walking in the evenings, more bicycles on the road, and more people just outside in general. For many, this is the time of year for vacations, weekend lake trips, baseball and softball games, sports camps, and maybe just an overall different pace of life and schedule. In the summer, we do different activities and some of our “regular stuff” goes to the wayside for a season.

So, how about the church? I’ve seen different versions of this picture going around social media the last few weeks, and at first I chuckled and moved on, but after awhile it began to make me think, “is this what people think about the church (not just the pastor) when it comes to summer?”


The church and its ministry doesn’t take a “vacation.” Here are the list of things the church doesn’t stop doing for the summer:

  • Having worship
  • Helping those in need
  • Visiting the sick
  • Visiting the homebound
  • Planning for future events
  • Children & Youth Events (In fact we have some fund ones in the works for the summer!)
  • Doing outreach and evangelism
  • Being involved in the fair
  • Bible Study
  • Keeping the office open and available for members and the community

Being the church never stops, and definitely doesn’t take vacation. Individuals may do those things from time to time, but we, as the body of Christ, need to continue to do the work of the Kingdom. This means keeping up with our spiritual development, attending worship as often as possible, keeping the church in your prayers, and yes, keeping our tithes and offerings going through the summer.

We’ve had great momentum and growth over the last 8-10 months in our church, and a lot of hard work has gone into that movement. The one thing I know about momentum (I didn’t do well in the physical sciences) is that it needs velocity to keep it going. We must keep ourselves going, no matter the season, to fulfill our mission “To Help People of All Ages Become Deeply Committed Christians.”

Enjoy your summer and I’ll see you on Sunday!
Pastor Zach

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