What if…?

The first time I saw this commercial online, I had immediate thoughts of how it applied to community and relationships. Then, of course, being a pastor, I translate that understanding to how it could tell us something about how the church is, and how it should be. If you haven’t seen the Guinness commercial, take a look.

I’ll admit it, a beer commercial made me a bit misty eyed the first time I saw it. I had no idea what to expect as I was watching it, and didn’t really anticipate how it would end. I think I was surprised by how simple the imagery was, and a bit ashamed that it surprised me. The idea that friends would just “be” with another and make a profound action seem so natural is what I think true community is about.

So much of what we are called to be as a follower of Jesus is relatively simple in instruction, but extremely complex in living it out. I think of the the two greatest commandments, loving God and loving neighbor, and realize how hard it is to do. It’s a very basic concept, but we fail to do it so much of the time.

The commercial reminds me of the importance of how our acts of welcome to those around us can make the complex seem simple. If we do what we can to create an environment where we enjoy being with community, then welcoming becomes a natural way of being.

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