Day at the State Legislature

This last Wednesday I was the Chaplain of the Day at the Nebraska State Legislature. It was a fun opportunity to get to be on the floor of the legislative chamber, and to speak from the podium. Of course, it took some thinking of what to say in the opening prayer with all the guidelines given to maintain appropriateness for an environment like that, especially a day after the senators voted to move forward a bill on implementing lethal injection for the death penalty. As much as I wanted to comment on it, I was a good boy and prayed within the parameters given to me. The prayer is below.

Grace and Peace,

Gracious and loving God, we gather this day thankful to do the work to which we’ve been called. We pray your blessing upon us here and upon people all over the world. We seek you by different names, but recognize the commonality in our belief in you.

The duty of leading our state has been entrusted to the senators that serve in this Chamber, and we seek your divine guidance as decisions are made today and in the future. The task is great and the rewards are often unseen, but
we recognize the great need present in our society that constantly surrounds us. May each person find strength through serving, and in the journey before them.

We are a society of differences, of great diversity. Almighty Creator, we seek to fulfill your desire to work towards an inclusive society that practices peace and civility and where we help our neighbors as you have led us to do. You truly are the God of our weary years, and the God of our silent years. May your blessings fall upon this place, causing us to recognize the lives affected by the work done here. Humble us in our actions as leaders, community members, and members of the greater humanity.

I pray these things in the name I know best, Jesus Christ. Amen.

One Reply to “Day at the State Legislature”

  1. Zach,

    This is wonderful. Thank you for speaking your faith while realizing that we don’t have to divide ourselves with the One whom unites us. Glad you’re back.




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