Easter Bulletin

Every week there is an article of sorts on the back of our bulletins. Some weeks it may be from something someone read on the internet, and others something original. For Easter, I was asked to write about my feelings and experience around Easter. Here is what I came up with and will be on the bulletin Sunday.

Grace and Peace,

Christ the Lord is Risen Today!

Happy Easter! Blessings to you on the joyous morning! I hope that Easter finds you in hope and wonderment of the resurrection. This is a day of much anticipation and celebration. We have journeyed together through Lent discussing our relationships with God and with one another. For some, it may have been a time of great struggle and growth. Others may have seen Lent as an affirmation of their faith, and a continuation of their relationships. However Lent was for you, we all come together to hear the news of the empty tomb this day.

As I personally reflected on Lent and now Easter, I began to think, “What does Easter mean to me?” I can’t recall ever spending too much time on this particular question, and didn’t have something right away to write down. Obviously, Easter is all about resurrection and being liberated from our sin, but what is that to me as a person? How do I recognize the empty tomb in my own spiritual journey? My answer seems simple, but so much is packed into it. My response to “What does Easter mean to me?” is love, unconditional love.

We are all grateful for the unconditional love and grace we’ve been given by God, but how often do we have the opportunity to share unconditional love towards another? When have we been able to put aside our feeling of anger, sadness, and maybe disgust to love someone else? To me, this is what Jesus’ death is all about, being able to realize love was given to us, and we in turn can share that love. I recently had the experience of my discouragement, and at times anger, being turned into love and compassion. I have no logical reason to explain it other than God working in me at this moment, but my feelings just changed and I was content to love without condition. This was my Easter experience this year.

It seems so simple, but we aren’t able to act out in this love very often it seems like. I hope that you can find unconditional love from God this Easter, and are willing to love in a similar way. God is with us always, and loves each of us the same. We are here to witness the resurrection, and to be sheltered in the unconditional love of God this day. May Easter bless you, and help you move that joy outward to the world!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Zach

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