A Prayer For The Day

Gracious God,
Your unending love shelters us,
guides us,
empowers us,
no matter our place on the journey of life.

You came to be with us and among us,
traveling the roads,
feeling the pain and hardship,
giving freely of yourself.

May we recognize this presence among us,
and act similarly in love towards one another.
Guide us in the ways of peace in our relationships,
our communities,
and our soul.

We know we fall short and often are troubled,
but you are there with us.
Help us to recognize the pain we cause others,
and forgive those who harm us.
This truly is the way that leads to life.

This Holy Week we journey together,
realizing Christ’s struggle for us.
As we journey, we experience you in our midst,
and receive tangible gifts of love and compassion amongst the pain.
Through the struggle of life, we see what means the most.
Be with us, comfort us, live among us.

In the name of the Risen Christ,

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