Now’s the Time…

My reflective reading today came from a book called, “Something About the Blues: an unlikely collection of poetry” by Al Young. I just started skimming until something caught my eye. This poem caught my attention today, and wanted to share it. After I read it a few times, I spent my daily reflection time with my journal and focused on this poem. Under the poem you will find some of my reflection and questions for today.

Now’s the Time
By Al Young

7:47 a.m
Charles Parker’s message from 1946
or whenever it was teaches us

that beautiful eternities dwell inside moments
& reverberating forever
charge us with godliness of creation,
creating by the moment,
ignorance of which
brings us to dead end
upon dead end. I am not anything less
than soul shedding layer after layer
of no-soul that soul may reveal itself
to itself so to speak,
an unvicious actually joyous
circle of commitment & revelation ensues

but you got to get in that groove,
you got to take chances &
avoid romances of daydream
which is no-dream really
but imprisonment,
the door closing,
tears crop up
in automatic

atoms become atoms
the earth is built to crumble away
as God smiles
crumbling begins, ends,
the smiling goes on,
you happen,
keep happening.

Place: everywhere
Time: Now –

7:54 a.m.

More often than I should, I wait to follow, to be safe, and hopefully be accepted by others. I don’t want to jump out and risk being without company. There are things I care about, things I want to see done, that may not be happening because I’m waiting. Maybe, just maybe, I am the one who needs to “create” the circumstances for movement or action. While I’m waiting for others, they might just be waiting for someone as well. I need to take some chances. Chances create opportunity, and opportunity creates experiences, and through experience is how God is revealed to me.

Life is not a “wait and see” activity. I have never been a believer in predestination, but I seem to live my life in a “wait for it to happen” mentality. I wait for it to be completely planned and safe befor I act. I’m waiting for God to somehow do it all and make it easy for me. I operate with in this thought process, even thoug I have never felt I believed God acted this way. I don’t believe that God exerts Godself into our situations and controls everything. I believe we are given guidance, resources, and support and then need to act accordintly– not wait to hope it happens for us.

Questions: Will I see meaningful change in society and the church in my lifetime? How do we recognize the moments when it’s time to jump out and act on our own? When should we wait for others to help us? When is it just our human ambition pushing us to act, and when is it God’s calling?

I pray each of you find your way to recognize what God is calling for you to do today and in the future. It’s not an easy task, and know that we all are walking with you in the journey.

Grace and Peace,

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