Wanting to see the sun…

Yesterday as I sat in a coffee shop enjoying a latte, my fixed iPod, and some journaling/doodling, I came across a song that spoke some lyrics that opened my eyes a bit. The entire song doesn’t fit into what I heard, but a few lines started the process of thinking. This is exactly what I am hoping to do more of during Lent. I want the seemingly simple things around me to remind of God and my life, and start me seeking for more.

I was listening to the song “The Sun Never Shines (On Closed Doors)” by Flogging Molly. I’ve always enjoyed the music of Flogging Molly and thought nothing of the song being on my iPod until I heard some of the lyrics. A few of the lines are “The sun never shines on closed doors,” and at the end, “we all go the same way home…” For whatever reason my mind started to wander a bit hearing these.

As I reflected on the idea of the sun never shining on closed doors, I journaled the following (edited and expanded from original):

The possibilities are endless, unimaginable in so many ways. Faith is what gives the chance for us to be open to the change of God in our life. Lent is a time to recognize this. Lent is in a lot of ways a dark time before a bright sunshine. The sun will rise, and hopefully the door is still open to let it in. Lent prepares us to feel the presence of Easter. At Easter, we recognize that Jesus rises to overcome ALL barriers that separate us. Don’t close the door yet! Don’t close the door ever! There is a new day coming, and another chance at barriers being broken and love being shared. Don’t’ close the door, because the sun won’t be seen!

My goal for personal growth this day:

Don’t close the door in life. Let the sun have a chance to shine through the open, or at least cracked door. Leave the possibility for change everyday!

What are the “closed doors” in your life? What is keeping you from being fully happy, and seeing the sunshine? Can you open the door just a little? It may not just be about your relationship with God, what is keeping you from seeing the sun in all things (work, relationships, hobbies, etc.)?

Grace and Peace,

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