This day…

I just finished watching the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. Barrack Hussein Obama is now the President. This really is and historic and moving day, regardless of your political views. I was moved numerous times through the morning, and sometimes at things I normally wouldn’t.

Normally I am not into patriotic songs, but Aretha Franklin’s singing was amazing this morning. The classical “jam” session that took place before the oath was done was equally as impressive. Then the poem after the speech really brought together the feeling of this election and this day. It was a great day for the arts to be portrayed on a world stage.

There was so much in the speech that was amazing, but the one line that sticks out to me right now is, “for the world has changed and we must change with it.” This is my personal view as well. We must find a way for the world community to live together and operate without war, hate, poverty, and suffering.

As I watched this morning and thought about these events and the hundreds of years before this, I remember my feelings about race relations as a child. Growing up I read a lot of historical books and biographies. I also watched many specials on PBS and other educational channels. I can remember stories about the Civil Rights Movement bringing me to tears as a young child, not understanding how these events could really happen. I long wondered why someone, like Martin Luther King, Jr., was not our president because they were such great leaders. I often wondered what it would be like if Dr. King of Bobby Kennedy had not been killed. These were my thoughts as a young child, upper elementary school, and stayed with me for my life.

I rejoice this day that not only a progressive president has been elected, but a president who comes to us striving for a post-racial world. Obama not only recognizes his role as the first African-American President, but as the leader of a movement forward in history. This day is just a small step forward, there is much to do in the days to come, but it feels good to just be proud and hopeful for a little while.

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