Time to start again…

So I was cleaning my apartment today and found my old backpack and it had stuff still in it. One of those things was my journal. I picked up the leather bound notebook that I purchased almost a year and a half ago, and obviously haven’t used in quite some time. Actually, while looking at it I noticed my last entry was January 18, 2008. Almost an entire year ago. However, the entry I read was interesting to me. It was a theological life statement that I had wrote for Polity class last January. It reminded me of what I feel and hope for the local church. Here is the entry:

I want the local church to realize its potential in changing lives. Through my personal actions and interactions with others, I want laity and clergy I come in contact with to grow in their faith. The realization that one single person or community can make a huge difference, is to realize God’s amazing Love for each individual. We must always be messengers of Grace, for what greater gift can we receive from God? As we connect with each other in the places we live and play, God is realized in the faces of others.

Part of my new start this January will be to journal more regularly… or I guess at all :)… as well as to blog about my thoughts and ideas about the present and the future. I hope that once in awhile something profound comes forth and can also help others think about life. If it doesn’t, at least I’ve started to bring things out of my head and into the open.

Grace and Peace,

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