I’m reminded…

Every once in awhile, I get a reminder of why I believe the things I do. I am not a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” kind of person when it comes to being in trouble. I have always believed that we need to help each other when times get tough, and that it’s not an individuals fault in sustained hardship. I mean, really, why would people choose to suffer if they can prevent it?

Recently, many events have caused me hardships and distress. I don’t want things to go this way, and I really don’t want to feel the way I do. It took time, but I am reaching out for help and at times things still go poorly. If I am to have any hope, “saving yourself” cannot be the reason alone. Sure, there are things I can work on and I am working on those…but it is not always enough.

Hopefully this all will pass, and I can get back to working on those things I was doing a few months ago before things started going downhill. I hope and pray that they do, and I guess that’s all I can wish for at this point.


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