It’s Time…

At 8:30am tomorrow morning, I will board a plane for Ft. Worth, Texas. The last year has gone by fast, and it is hard to believe that it is time for General Conference. While I have many personal hopes for the event, most of all I hope for a civil discussion where every point of view is allowed to be brought forward. Adam put a very good prayer for General Conference on his blog. I also hope that we can fulfill God’s call for us in these situations and our time is not spent entirely on political maneuvering and back room fighting.

Update: I will blog from my personal point of view, with all of my personal bias and possible cynicism on this blog. If you would like to see my contribution to the reporting for the Nebraska Annual Conference, check it out here.

Please keep all of us in Ft. Worth in your prayers. The days are long, and the discussions emotional; every extra prayer will help.

Grace and Peace,

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